Hello world!

For most of the past two decades, I’ve been mostly a scholar and teacher, but before then I worked at a lot of jobs and started up a few enterprises. This semester, I’ve taken a respite from most scholarly endeavors and am trying to startup a new business, Crisalis, because I think that we have something critically valuable to offer organizations. Still, at heart, I’m an educator. With Crisalis, I’ll still be educating, trying to help organizations avert crises and seize opportunity. but I’m already missing regular classes this semester — so trying to reach out instead with this blog — which I’d like to try to publish as a print column.

My academic career began with PhD studies in Organization Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but I have wide-ranging scholarly interests. I’ve written e a few books and many articles and the I’ve received several research awards. I first joined the University of Pennsylvania faculty in 2000 (Wharton), and have taught in the University’s Organizational Dynamics (OD) program (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) since 2003. These are the courses I’ve been teaching:

I’ve also taught extensively in Latin America.

I will still this semester be leading research and paper writing workshops, which all OD students are encouraged to attend at no cost. Depending on your interest, “Education for Life” may become a weekly column. Please send us your thoughts on this!


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Dr Freeman, I look forward to, once again, attending your writing workshop, unless it is on Wednesday nights when I have class. I’m thinking ahead to my Capstone, now one year hence!

    Still skimming the crisis management, preparedness & resilience world…and I have to re-start the student group. I was at an event today with some of my former disaster preparedness colleagues. Will be attending an event run by my county emergency management agency two weeks from now.

    Hope to see you at the brunch or else around campus. PS…had a medical screening test for work last week…we all had to get them.

    They used a microfluidic device that was manufactured by one of the companies on my portfolio list!

    matt keating

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